Diverse landscapes, water activities and wildlife

In a Word: Diversity

I don’t like using words to describe places because they’re not enough, not by a longshot. Africa is a place that until you go, you will never understand the incredible, unique effect it has on you and what it does to your senses and your spirit. And maybe it’s better that words don’t do Africa justice, that way your experience is that much more rewarding if you don’t know exactly what scenes you will encounter or exactly how new experiences will make you feel. The wonder and excitement level are more natural and organic and will captivate you better than my writing ever could.

Nevertheless, I can tell you one thing, when traveling it’s all about the experiences…and boy is Botswana packed with experiences and diversity. Botswana has a unique diversity unlike anywhere else in Africa from its landscapes to its activities to its wildlife.

Starting at the north part of the country lies the Chobe National Park and the great Chobe River which is an elephant hub and somewhat of a waterpark for these roaming giants. They love cooling off in and even swimming across the river.

Savute, which is part of Chobe National Park, is home to large lion prides, lots of elephants, frequently visited waterholes and gigantic ancient baobab trees.

Then there’s the crown jewel of all of Botswana, the absolutely incredible Okavango Delta which is made up of a network of channels that each lead to new discoveries. Slowly cruising down the channels in a mokoro or “dug-out” canoe is one of the Okavango’s signature experiences. Boat safaris, land safaris and even scenic helicopter rides give you a wide range of perspectives to experience the Delta. Lots of crocodiles, lots of hippo, elephant, wild dog, lion, leopard, red lechwe, sable, the elusive sitatunga and more of Africa’s wildlife are found in the Okavango and Moremi region.

Completely contrast to the Okavango is the Kalahari Desert. The dark orange sand of this region adds a different punch of color to Botswana’s diverse landscape makeup. Within the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, you can venture out on safari in search of lion, cheetah and other game. Take a guided walk or cultural experience with the San bushmen of the Kalahari to learn the ways of these indigenous people. Northeast of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve but still part of the Kalahari region lies the Makgadikgadi Pans, the largest group of salt pans on Earth. A thrilling way to traverse these flats is zooming across on 4-wheelers. And, of course, Makgadikgadi is home to playful clans of meerkats!

The unique diversity of landscapes, activities and wildlife Botswana offers makes it one of my favorite countries to visit. The different flavors quench your thirst for variety only to leave you thirsting to come back for more. You simply can’t get enough!

Top Botswana Destinations

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Moremi Game Reserve

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Okavango Delta

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Kalahari Game Reserve

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Maun (major airport)

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When to Go

Best time: June – October (prices are highest during these months

  • Dry season although the Okavango Delta is flooded due to rainwater arriving from the Angolan highlands, which allows for water activities including mokoro rides
  • Prices are highest during these months
  • October is the hottest month with highs reaching 95 F / 35 C, followed by November and December.

May and November are also great times to visit Botswana, although November is hot.  Prices are lower, water levels are good and wildlife is abundant.

Chobe and the Kalahari are destinations that are great to visit year-round.


Botswana has two season, the dry and the wet season.  The dry season is from May to October and rain starts to fall in November but the wettest months are January and February.  The warmest months are October – December with October being the hottest.



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