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Tailored Trips

Everyone has different preferences, needs, time constraints and budgets. We work closely with you to develop a customized experience to meet your travel wishes and needs.

We take care of everything for you

All of the bookings, reservations, transfers, flights (unless you want to take care of those on your own), activities, etc. are done by us and our partners. We do all the work! You just sit back, relax and wallow in anticipation of your upcoming adventure!

We answer all of your questions about traveling to Africa

We know that there are many questions and unknowns when traveling to a new place, especially Africa. We want to put your mind at ease by informing you of what you need to know before you go and what you can expect while you’re in Africa and on safari. Many questions are answered throughout our website but feel free to ask away!

We use top quality operators and accommodations

This is essential for a great experience. By having a high standard for accommodation, guides and activity operators, we are able to ensure you have a high-quality experience with memories that are sure to stay with you for a lifetime!

You get to make a difference just by booking through us

When you book through us, we donate a percentage of profit to The African Wildlife Foundation. Donations come out of our profit, not your pocket, and we don’t mark up the price of your trip to cover the donation. It’s a win-win!

Our Values

I started this company because I wanted to do more for conservation, take a stand for wildlife and unveil the wonders of Africa to as many people as I can in an ethical, responsible and high-quality way. I believe that together we can help bring positive change to conservation while enjoying the stunning treasures that Africa has to offer. This is the foundation of the company that I look forward to building on one trip at a time.

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View our recommended safari destinations for some inspiration.



View our recommended safari destinations for some inspiration.



View our recommended safari destinations for some inspiration.

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