South Africa

Natural beauty, amazing people, unsurpassed wildlife, stunning beaches and vibrant cities

The Rainbow Nation

South Africa is truly as colorful as its flag, and it is known as the Rainbow Nation due to its multi-cultural diversity and beaming bright smiles of its people. It has everything you could possibly want in a destination – natural beauty, amazing people, unsurpassed wildlife, stunning beaches, vibrant cities…the list goes on and on.

When I first wanted to travel to South Africa, I asked my sister to come with me. She was pretty hesitant at first since she had never been out of the United States before so she was nervous. Aside from that, she asked, “what’s to see?” Boy, was she in for a surprise! I convinced her to come, and we spent time in Cape Town and went on an amazing African safari. When we returned home she said, “I want to move there!!” (I think she realized there was plenty to see). So did I! What an impact it had on both of us.

South Africa and Africa in general will change you. For many, it stays in the hearts and souls of those who visit. It gets in your blood. It is almost impossible to find a person who does not want to return to South Africa. The country is informally known as “Africa for beginners,” but even the most experienced traveler can’t get enough of this magical place. So, come on! Don’t wait another minute!



Local Customs and Culture

When to Go

Fortunately, there’s really no bad time to visit South Africa!  The climate is temperate with moderate temperatures.  It’s usually best to plan when to take your trip around what you want to do while in South Africa. 

If you are going on a safari, the best time is in the dry season (May – September) when there is less vegetation and the animals are easier to track and see and the weather is comfortable.  This time of year is actually the low season so prices are lower and there are less crowds.  On the other hand, the rainy season (October – April) brings lush green vegetation and newborn babies but animals are more difficult to spot.  The high temperatures can be unpleasant.

Other outdoor activities such as visiting beaches, hiking, scuba diving and surfing are best experienced in summer (Dec. – Feb.).  April – June is good for hiking, as well.  Whale watching season along the southern coast runs from June – November

Also, you want to take into account the South African school calendar, which can include school holidays during the months of March, April, June, July, September, December and January, and national holidays, in addition to the usual school calendar of Europe and North America.  The busiest time is during December – January during the holiday season. 


South Africa has a temperate, Mediterranean-like climate but can get hot in the summer.  Overall, it is a great place to visit all year long.  Seasons are opposite here from the northern hemisphere with summer being November to February, autumn being March to April, winter being May to August and spring being September to October.  The dry season is from May – September with pleasant temperatures and no rain.   The rainy season of October – April brings heat and humidity.

Temperature Ranges & Rainfall


Cape Town

HIGH - C262725232018181819212425
LOW - C1616141298789111315
HIGH - F797977736864646466707577
LOW - F616157544846454648525559
RAINY DAYS323479997654


HIGH - C262624222016172022242525
LOW - C1414131064479111314
HIGH - F797975726861636872757777
LOW - F595755504339394548525557
RAINY DAYS664310002474

Kruger National Park

HIGH - C322829262325252527253028
LOW - C1717151173359121517
HIGH - F908284797377777781778682
LOW - F636359524537374148545963
RAINY DAYS987532223689

**IMPORTANT for travelers under age 18**



These are not reasons that should stop you from going to South Africa. Instead, they should prompt you to take the necessary precautions to stay safe while traveling in South Africa.

Bottom line: South Africa has its blemishes when it comes to crime, but if you use common sense, are informed and make wise decisions, you should not have to worry about becoming a victim. This is a spectacular place to experience that will raise the bar for all of your future travels.

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