Working together to make a difference for wildlife

Working Together to Make a Difference for Wildlife

Can you imagine a world where the only place that lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes and cheetah lived was in zoos, behind glass and bars or maybe even just in photographs or documentaries?  Imagine never again hearing a lion roar, seeing a cheetah sprint across the plains, watching a herd of elephants splash around in a watering hole, seeing a rhino calf run with its mother.  Never again.  How gut-wrenching to think that we as people were the reason why?  As humans, we have a feeling/sense of entitlement.  Entitled to land.  Entitled to resources.  Entitled to everything.  Entitlement is dangerous.  It leads to selfishness and greed.  What we need to have is empathy and responsibility. 

There are so many threats facing African wildlife that it can be overwhelming to think about: habitat loss due to human expansion, poaching, trophy hunting, human-wildlife conflict, climate change, etc.  The common denominator in all of these is humans.  In many ways, we are the worst species, but we have the potential to be the best if we can live responsibly, protect all species, lands and waterways and share the Earth and its resources with the animals that also call this planet home. 

I’m not ok with sitting back and letting it all be destroyed.  You know that saying “you won’t regret the things you did do.  You will regret the things you didn’t do?”  I don’t want us to regret not doing enough to save these incredible creatures from the perils that they face.  We must step up and fight for these animals who deserve to live a life wild, free and protected.  There are conservation success stories all the time, but they can’t happen without dedicated time, effort and resources.  This is our purpose.  We’re going to make it count. 

“In 200 years, people will look back on this particular period and say to themselves, ‘how did those people at that time just allow all these amazing creatures to vanish?  If we all lose hope, there is no hope.  There’s still a lot left that’s worth fighting for.” – Dr. Jane Goodall 

My primary focus when starting Safari Rim was to have a positive impact on African wildlife conservation while helping to create an amazing African experience for travelers.  Conservation is at the heart of this company and is a core value that we will always live by.   

Animals are under constant threat from humans, and we are directly responsible for the demise countless species due to our actions and greed.  Whether it’s through poaching, trophy hunting, animal exploitation, climate change, habitat loss or human-wildlife conflict, we are pushing them toward the brink of extinction.  I refuse to stand by and let things happen, so to do my part I started this company.   

Who We Donate To

When I was deciding on a conservation organization to donate a portion of our profits to, there was one group that stood out among the rest.  The African Wildlife Foundation is a charity that I have personally been donating to for years, and there are reasons why they stand out and are one of the best: 

They are the largest conservation organization solely focused on the continent of Africa.
They work throughout Africa, not just in one place or one country. The threats that African wildlife face are widespread across the continent, and problems need to be addressed in as many areas as possible.
They’ve been around the block. AWF was founded in 1961, and they have the experience, track record, knowledge and established relationships to help create positive change for African wildlife, lands and people.
They work with local communities to create opportunities that empower the local people while simultaneously benefiting the animals. AWF helps implement practices to reduce human-wildlife conflict so that people and animals can live peacefully and thrive alongside each other. ​
AWF utilizes strategies such as training rangers and employing sniffer dogs to combat poaching and wildlife trafficking.

Click here to learn more about the African Wildlife Foundation and the outstanding work they do. 

Safari Rim makes independent donations to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).  Your trip will help support AWF’s efforts to ensure wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. 

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